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Sponsored Riders

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Being in a time where a lot of focus is going on mental health and helping each other. I wanted to do a sponsored riders opportunity with a difference.

This got me thinking, how many  owners whether it is those that just love hacking their horse, the companionship of their horse or compete on a regular basis. may just once in a while need a little helping hand that little something to make them feel better. This led to the following idea.

Once a month for the next 12 Months I will send a mystery box to a rider containing a free custom mix designed for your horse to the value of £20, free samples and free gift. You will then receive a custom mix for 12 months with 15% off.

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June Riders

Roxie  and her pony Junior. Georgie and her pony Lakha.

In 2020 a year where we all felt the isolation of covid. These two braved the isolation of their ponies becoming poorly.

Unfortunately in June Junior caught Strangles, a illness I feel gets too much bad stigma, horses can carry the bacteria and no one ever know and then one day a stressfull situation or a drop in the immune system can cause the symptoms to arise.

Strangles can spread easily among horses if the right precautions aren't taken, being on a busy yard there mom found a field where it would be easier to isolate their ponies, however islotaing the girls even more.

Unfortunately lakha caught it the girls were left watching both ponies feeling very unwell.

Lakha soon made a full recovery but just Junior journey went on for 5 months.

Their mom has told both girls showed amazing strength through it all and when Junior got the all clear Roxie turned to her mom and said Mom, I love him so much and wasn't going to give up on him, I knew he could do it!!".

What amazing strength this family have shown.

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