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Welcome to NV Equine.


The community that helps you and your horse thrive.

Built on a passion for horses, grown on the love of helping owners give their horses the best, NV Equine has developed into the business it is today since 2002, when I started out as a freelance groom and instructor.​

I aim to offer that personal service and welcome you and your horse into a community designed to help both thrive. on your chosen journey. 

What I offer.

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Purchase all your Equus health products directly from me.

Horse and rider

Get to Know Me

I started my equine career back in 2002, I have worked in different establishments from livery yards to riding schools, and managed many different types of horses.

I use this knowledge to develop my two online memberships and to help my clients when recommending supplements for their horses.

I currently own 2 horses, you can follow their journey on my social media pages and blog.

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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