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10 tips for your first Dressage Test.

Before lockdown I registers has a trainee judge with British dressage and its something I wish to pick back up.

I'm lucky enough to be asked to judge at local yards and clubs.

Here's my top tips to getting that test right.

  1. You need to learn your test not your horse. Practice more ofthehorse then on this way your horse will not anticipate the movements. You'll often find me trotting round my garden.

  2. Read the test to others, seeing how the test rides help me understand it better and learn it.

  3. Online - the Introduction of online competition means you can get judges feedback before the stress of going out to venues.

  4. Venue - pick a venue you feel comfortable at for your first test.

  5. Have a caller - I'd still recommend you know the test but the nerves has you go down the centre line can make your mind go blank.

  6. Ride the next movement - if something goes wrong forget it Count to 5 and go for the next marks

  7. Take you time - you have 45 seconds from the bell going to enter the arena make the most of this time. Ride a transition to ensure your horse is listening.

  8. Accuracy - take your time dint rush the test and even if the horse isn't going quite as well as at home you can gain marks from being accurate.

  9. Most marks - I remember an Instructor saying to me the centre lines are the most important get this right and keep the judges attention plus if your straight they can't see if they over tracking etc.

  1. Enjoy the experience - you've worked hard to get there smile breath enjoy

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