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5 Tips to help your horse in wet weather

Like us this wet weather can really have an effect on Horses natural well being.

They can start to feel low and loose condition.

Here are my 5 tips to help the field kept horse.

  1. Feed plenty of fibre. - fibre is broken down in the hind gut, it's the most important part of the horses diet and should make up the biggest percentage of Feed. Where possibly Feed dry to give the system a break from the wet grass. With a good doer lots of small holed nets can be placed round the field.

  2. Give stimulation - place natural treats like carrots or whole rosehips around the field for the horse to find. Hang salt licks, sweeds etc to break boredom. Equus health Hedge Mix added to feed can encourage the horse to eat.

  3. Correct rugging - don't me tempted to over rug, 2 lighterrugs can be more effective then one thick. Ensure horse isn't getting wet underneath and swap if needed. Get into the routine of taken rugs of daily and checking the horse for condition and injury.

  4. Feed the correct supplements - I would recommend Equus health Healthy Gut and Everyday balancer. Other supplements that can be beneficial are Celery and linseed. Connect me to discuss your horses specific needs.

  5. Provide shelter. Ensure the horse has somewhere to go out of the wind and rain this can be a natural shelter from tress and Hedge rows or a man-made wooden shelter or stable.

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