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Bob the Cob. Feeding youngsters

Bobs blog.

Sorry its a been a few weeks since my last blog. I have been busy growing my instagram page, updating website, technology is not my strongest along with studying.

Business is growing at a rapid pace and to each and everyone of you im grateful.

Lets look at Bob my 12 month old colt.

I brought bob at Christmas. We have no idea on breeding so its anyone guess on height he will make. He follows my Rash my 16.2hh Thoroughbred round like he is his big brother, maybe he aspires to be as big as him. 14.2hh would do nicely.

He had been well handled previous to owning him and his a real pleasure to have around.

Bob's routine.

Bob was living out 24/7, but recently i have been bringing him in during the day for a few hours especially on the warmer days.


Fibre beet. ¼ scoop a day 10p

Limestone flour - calcium 30g a aday 3p

Seaweed and rosehips. -help with hoof growth. 35g 39p a day

everyday balancer - vit & min 33ga aday 18p

healthy gut - i feed all my horses this. 13g 19p

Total per day £0.89p

A stud mix works out at around £1.10p a day. Feeding the straight supplements safes me around £6.30 a month.

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