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Keeping the horse cool. - what supplements to feed in the heat.

Has we are currently experiencing a heat wave thought id share some top tips on keeping the horse cool and some supplements that may help.


Ensure your horse has excess to shade in their field if they don't where possible leave in during the day and turn out at night.

People think the hottest part of the day is midday but often its worse around 3-6pm the sun is dropping so closer to the earth but the temperature hasn't plus all the heat the ground absorbed is now escaping.


Keep exercise to a minimum drop down a level from what you would normally do or ride early on especially for the first few days of a rise in temperature, give your horses chance to get used to the heat.


Like we loose appetite in the heat so can the horse where possible spilt Feeds into smaller more regularly Feeds adding extra water to mash can help keep the horse hydrated.

Soaked hay placed in shady areas is another way to help keep the horse hydrated.


There's different thoughts on if we should both or hose down in the heat. I personally do Sponge down during the worse of the heat where I don't get them soaked but wipe over with a wet cloth and some lavender or Citrus wash added to the water and leave full baths to the evening. Think about yourself it's off an evening when you feel sticky and wat that nice shower.


Has managed above extra water can be adding to feeds and hay to help.

Apple juice added to water can encourage the horse to drink

Some people freeze apples and carrots to blocks so horses have to lick the ice to get to the treat.


Celery seeds - pick me up

Spearmint or hedge mix to help tempt the horse to eat.

Electrolyte to replace lost salt - not something we currently stock but looking into it.

Salt licks - again make sure these are available in the shady areas of the field.

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