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Part 2 The day the world stopped

On March 23rd 2020. Boris Johnson announced that due to the rate in covid 19 cases the county was going into lockdown with immediate effect.

I couldn't teach and the pony party business wasn't going to happen, during the course of summer 2020 the decision was made to close the pony party business. Like many I felt a massive weight on my shoulders concerning what I was going to do next.

I decided to focus my energy and time on the supplements and develop my aim of the business,

To supply supplements directly to the stable door, offering advice and that personal shopper experience to my clients.

The website was given a face lift and then I started selling on eBay.

I contacted all clients old and current explaining what I was offering.

It was during this time that Halle and her mom Louise helped massively with the social media side of the business and built my Instagram following giving me lots of tips and advice and putting the posts on.

I started by sending 5 - 10 parcels a week, this soon grew to this amount daily and there has been times i've posted 20 parcels a day.

The direct side of things sees me with over 60 customers. My aim was 30.

Everyday i am astonished by how my business grows and i'm very excited for what the future hold.

For everyone that has taken the time to buy something from me, read a post, share a post like a post I send out a Massive Thank you. Without you i wouldn't be here now.

Part 3 Halle and family………..

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