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Rash Promise - Feeding the thoroughbred.

A closer look at Rash, his routine and feed.

Thoroughbreds are complex animals built for speed not stamina. 99% of them come with a vet, farrier and physio in tow. Getting their feed correct can be a balancing act. This is where I love the fact that Equus health products are all available hasstraights and I can increase and decrease the amount I feed each to suit.

I have owned Rash for 5 years now. Three years ago he had his suspensory operated on and since then he has been a walking vets bill but over the last 6 months we have been on a clean run and we have started riding again. During the last 3 years I have struggled massively with my confidence, doubting myself that I am a good enough rider for him that all these little injuries and niggles are trying to tell me something. Ensuring he is on the correct feed and in good condition before starting the ridden work was one of the main boxes I wanted to tick. Seeing him thrive has definitely helped to give me the boost to get back on. At the time of writing this we have been working under saddle for 2 months and just introduced the canter work.

Rash is 16.2 hh and 18 years old.

Rash lives out 24/7 with excess to the stable.

Rash gets worked 3 to 4 times a week, long leining, lunging and ridden.

He is fed twice a day and has hay overnight.

Rash is fed

Alfra A oil

Fibre beet

Fenugreek Powder - condition

Flexi limbs - joints 40p per day

Healthy Gut - digestion 38p per day

Everyday Balancer - general health 48p per day

Seaweed and Rosehips - feet 56p per day

Linseed oil - coat and condition 35p per day

Magneed - calming and hooves £1 per day

Agnus Castus - cushings 19p per day

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