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Set for Spring.

As horse owners, we look forward to those first days of Spring, when the grass starts to grow and the warmer weather starts to appear. However, it also comes with its own challenges. Here are some tips for an easier Spring.

1. Supplements and Feeding.

Knowing when to cut down the feed is possibly the multi-million dollar question.

That's why I love micronized linseed or linseed oil, I drop down on the size of the boy’s hard feed and add linseed, as and when the grass drops.

Cinnamon and aloe vera Juice are staple supplements in my feed room, cinnamon helps to

break down the sugars, whilst aloe vera is great to flush out the toxins on the days we have a

flush of grass.

As mentioned above I change the boy's hard feed to one with fewer calories rather than cutting it out completely. Why? Because I still like to be able to feed their supplements.

Remember to feed to the level you are riding to, there is always lot of information on the back of feed sacks. If your are not feeding the required amount then a Balancer will need to be added to ensure horses are getting all the nutrients they need.

2. Grooming

My must have grooming equipment would be grooming gloves. Le Mieux do some but you can also find lots on amazon.

I start using hot clothing this time of year and use barrier citrus wash.

In the dryer weather applying hoof cream to your horses hooves a coupe of times a week helps stop them from drying out, and makes your farriers life easier.

Are you stocked up on?

No rinse wash

Mane and tail

Hoof oil

Add to your next order if you are low.

3. Health

Rugs come off, we plan our first goals and outings with our equines and they go and hurt

themselves, we have all been there.

My first tip check your first aid kit, does it contain the following?

Vet wrap,


Clean scissors and bowl

Hi bi scrub

Oz vet wound cream - remember if you think you will need a vet don’t apply cream it makes

their job harder.

Some other tack room essentials to be stocked up on.

Fly spray

Sun cream

4. Shelter & Fields

Now is the time to walk your field and check your stables or shelter and make a list of any jobs that need to be done over the summer days.

Below is a list of possible jobs

Repairs to any wood work

Clean and paint

Check all bolts are working correctly.

Repairs to fencing - replace any rotten posts or old wire

Remove poisonous plants.

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