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Spring as Sprung

Spring and Summer seem to have hit us together, with some grass and some dry weather it is feeling easier to be a horse owner. Here are some top tips and my to-do list.

1. Supplements and Feeding.

I am a big believer that we should feed all year round adding those essential vitamins and minerals and other supplements to the feed, this way we are ensuring our horses are getting exactly what they need. I alter my feeds according to the time of year, feeding more of a conditioning mix in the winter and a basic fibre mash in the summer.

Here are some of the supplements I find can be beneficial to consider as the seasons change.

micronized linseed or linseed oil, I drop down on the size of the boy’s hard feed and add linseed as and when the grass drops, to help keep weight on Rash.

Cinnamon and aloe vera Juice are staple supplements in my feed room, cinnamon helps to break down the sugars, whilst aloe vera is great for flushing out the toxins on the days we have a flush of grass.

Detox herbs such as nettles, clivers and burdock are great to help the horse flush out toxins too.

Agnus castus - can help with hormone changes this time of year, even your gelding can react to the change of year, after all, it's in their nature still.

Allergies are also a big topic this time of year, we cannot stop the allergies but there are herbs that will help with the symptoms, such as elecampane root, liquorice root, Thyme, marshmallow leaves and ginger. 

Remember to feed to the level you are riding to, there is always a lot of information on the back of feed sacks. If you are not feeding the required amount then a Balancer will need to be added to ensure horses are getting all the nutrients they need.

2. Grooming

My must-have grooming equipment would be grooming gloves. Le Mieux does some but you can also find lots on Amazon.

I start using hot clothing this time of year and use barrier citrus wash.

In the dryer weather applying hoof cream to your horse's hooves a couple of times a week helps stop them from drying out, and makes your farrier's life easier.

3. Health

Rugs come off, we plan our first goals and outings with our equines and they go and hurt themselves, we have all been there.

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