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Stay calm and buy a herb!!

There are many reasons our horses can become stressed and by finding the reason we can then look at which calming herb would be the best to feed, once we know the course of the stress we could also look at management and if we can alter their routine to help ease the stress.

Below are some common reasons why horses get stressed and the herbs that may help.

During work - showing muscle tension, not wanting to move forward or relax in their work. Valerian is known to help reduce tension, however, it cannot be fed to horses that compete under FEI regulations, in this case, I would look at feeding our VF Calm in this mix of Lemon balm and chamomile complement each other to help ease tension with vervain to help with focus.

Lack of Focus - Is your horse constantly looking for the monster behind the bush, in which case the feeding Vervain can help focus the mind?

Worrying when their best bud leaves them or at feed time - Chamomile helps to relax and ease anxiety in horses just the same as it does for us. 

Hormonal stress - Both mares and gelding can be affected by their hormones whether it be when mares are coming into season or a new horse coming onto the yard, herbs such as Agnus castus, Raspberry leaf, and Motherwort can help to regulate horses hormones. Happy mare mix has Agnus castus and raspberry leaf to help hormones along with chamomile, lemon balm, and vervain to help relieve the symptoms of stress, and peppermint as a warming herb and to encourage the horse to eat.

Worrying to load, or for farrier visits - Equi V-chill a liquid calmer that works in 20min can be very beneficial here however it does contain Valerian.

Remember all the herbs we mention above help to relieve the symptoms of stress, not the reason for it, where possible we should also look at our horse's management to help remove the stress, though just like some people are natural worries so are some horses.

If your horse is getting stressed at feed time or turnout time, could they be fed or turned out first? 

Box walking or showing other signs of stress in the stable is the yard or part of the yard they are own too busy or quiet for them, just like us some horses like the quieter life whereas some like to be in the center of all the goings on,

Stressed during work, try giving them a small feed or some hay whilst getting them ready to help line the stomach, or offer turn out before exercise.

Worrying loading or for the farrier, are they alone or do they have a companion? Simply putting another horse in the trailer or tying one up near to them could help with this.

Please contact me if you need any further help on herbs for your horse

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