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The story of NV Equine 18 years in the making. Part 1.

A little insight into the team and how the business develops.

My love of horses started when I was 10 years old. I learned to ride at the local riding school and then worked there for 2 years gaining my bhs stage 1.

December 2002, A very nervous 20 year old me stepped foot onto a riding school to start her new career in horses, little did i know the journey it would take me on. Previously I was 2 years away from horses where I worked in a childs nursery and a pub.

Here I started my training on my NVQ L3 in horse care and management. Sadly the riding school closed and I stayed on in a freelance position looking after the 10 horses that remained, slowly these were rehomed and so my journey has a freelance groom developed. For the next 10 years I worked on a number of yards both commercial and private teaching and doing general yard duties. I also got the chance to compete in an unaffiliated intro and prelim dressage on some lovely horses. I gained BHS

stage 3 Care.

In 2012 I went to work for my instructor and we set up a small riding school where I can be UKCC L3 in teaching.

2015 saw the riding school at its busiest diary full to competency and the birth of my son, I needed to find more family time soretrained as a swimming instructor, loved the job but once Reuben was at school in 2018 it wasn't giving me the family time i needed so started working at Equus Health. I was still doing the odd bit of teaching and during the past 16 years I had been involved in direct selling with different companies.

2015 was also the year I brought Rash and then in 2017 moved onto the current yard we are in. It was on this yard I met Halle. Halle and her Family become a critical part in the growth of the business.

Towards the end of 2018 the start of 2019 I started working on the idea of selling Equus health products directly offering a similar service to that in direct selling becoming the horses personal shopper for supplements. I became NV Equine, set up a website and attended a few shows, started to introduce the products to clients and the business was starting to build alongside my teaching.

This brings us to January 2020 the teaching side of my business is doing really well. The supplement side is building slowly and I get the chance to manage a pony party business, all is looking great and then March 2020 hits………………

Part 2 The day the world stops. - how lockdown altered it all

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