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The Yuk Period

For me January and February are the hardest time to keep horses, ‘The Yuk Period’ The excitement of Christmas is over, we feel has though we have been battling short days forever there's no sign of spring, and everywhere is looking tired.

I have lost track of how many times I've said to my friends I'm giving up at this time of year.

Here are my top 5 tips to help get through these two months.

  1. Focus on yourself - are you feeling fit and well? Perhaps start a new fitness resume-check out Jo Tittertons online classes

  2. Plan - have you got some summer activities lined up

  3. Set small goals what small things can you start now to be ready for summer

  4. Declutter - I make the most of a sunshiny day to have a clear through the tack room and sell things I don't need, gives you a little extra cash when it's needed the most, and refresh the place.

  5. Treat yourself- to something that makes you feel good. I new item of riding gear. A new numnah you can't wait to ride in. Or even something simple has a new pair of warm gloves to wear next time your down the yard.

What about our horses what can we do to help them during this 'yuk' period.

  1. Offer stimulation - hay nets and veg hung around the stables and field can offer variety and help prevent boredom

  2. Gentle exercise- even if just a inhand walk around the yard if too cold to take rugs off, will give your horse a different view.

  3. Ensure they have access to salt or a mineral lick. - salt is something often forgotten in the colder months but horses sweat it out their bodies on a daily basis and need it replacing

  4. Daily carrots stretches and massage. - lots of physios offer top tips on doing these. I'm in Jenny Adamson membership group.

  5. Vary work - where possible go for a hack or take them to other venues, where this isn't possible the use of poles and other equipment within the school can add variety, and do ground work.

Top 5 supplements - the following supplements are my first go to for any horse and a top sellers at this time of the year

Healthy gut - supports the hindgut

Everyday Balancer - ensures horse is getting all the nutrients they need

Winter glow - helps with all-round conditioning

Hedge mix - adds variety to the feed

Celery seeds. - can be used as a general pick me up.

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