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Laminitis & Toffee Diet

With the current weather we all need to be on laminitis watch.

Laminitis is a condition that makes the sensitive laminae in the feet swell. These sensitive laminae become trapped between insensitive laminae and the hoof wall which can become very painful.

There are many factors that can bring on laminitis, one of them being a diet rich in sugar and it is believed a diet high in protein can also bring on laminitis.

Please bear in mind I am not a vet. I am passing on knowledge that I have gained with research and my 28 years in the business of caring for horses, seeing several cases of laminitis in varying degrees.

Early signs:-

🐴Horse becomes short strided

🐴Horse shifts weight from one foot to another

🐴Reluctant to move forward when being ridden

🐴I have also seen a horse appear to walk as if drunk

🐴Heat in feet

🐴Digital pulse

Any horse can get laminitis no matter their breed, height, shape or weight.

🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎

The two of mine I need to keep a closer eye on are Marley and Toffee.

Today we will look at Toffee

I have added the daily cost by each item

He is out during the night and in during the day,

He has 4ib of soaked hay in a net,

He comes into a 1/4 scoop of fibre beet need to work out price 10p

with 🏇1 x 25ml scoop Everyday Balancer - provides all essential vitamins and minerals and contains no fillers, this important whilst we have no grass 24p

🏇1 x 50ml scoop Seaweed and Rosehips - toffee has good feet so he probably doesn't need this but its my treat to him. 28p

🏇 0.5 x 50ml scoop Agnus Castus - diagnosed with low level cushings a few years back, this has helped to reduce the signs. 8p

🏇1 x 50ml scoop Healthy gut - toffee can suffer from the runs especially when grass changes but this helps to combat that.19p

🏇0.5 x 10ml scoop of Flexi limbs - being an older lad this mix of pure Glucosamine and and MSM help with his joints. 20p

Toffee costs me £1.09 a day to feed. I have researched mixes etc however i would still need to add to them and cost would be around £1.15 to £1.30 a day.

Toffee current weight 211kg and I would give him a condition score of 3. I am really pleased with how toffee looks, therefore ì am just looking to maintain his weight.

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