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What supplements should I feed for show ring sparkle?

Maybe you already have your dates schedule in the diary, maybe your a little nervous and not sure about your first one.

My plan for the boys this year is to do some online with Rash and get Bob out to his first show. This will be later in the year as currently weekends are taken up training for Macmillan mighty hike with team Piston Broke.

Whichever discipline you are competing in you want your horse to look the best below is a list supplements that can help with this.

Nettles - bring out dabbles

Linseed - add shine to coat

Super skin -adds shine to coat

Marigolds - help with coat condition

Seaweed and rose hip - hooves

Biotin extra - Hooves

Brewers yeast for condition, can help settle the stomach therefore the nerves

Need to settle the nerves.

Chamomile - helps to calm

Vervain - settles the mind

Lemon balm - helps the gut.

Equus health have a new mix coming out with all the above in.

Then there is after the show some horses need a little pick me up - celery seeds can help with this.

For those horses that may get a touch of colic after competing lemon balm works as an anti spasmodic and soothes the gut. Lemon balm could also be useful for those that suffer with ulcers or you could add gastro kalm to their feed a few days before event and couple of days after, to help absorb excess acid.

Hope you found this useful if you would like any further advice please drop me an email to

Bay Horse winnng 1st place rosette
Rash 1st rosette on the show ring was a Red one.

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