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Why i Sell Equus Health products.

I was never a big believer in supplements, until in 2015 i brought my thoroughbred Rash Promise, Rash came with a whole list of Equus Health products which i fed him, i then tried other products and i then tried no supplements, Straight away i could see a difference in his way of going, behavior and condition, so back onto the Equus health products he went a massive improvement in all areas.

You cant tell horses im going to feed you this and it will make this difference so that rules out the placebo effect and remember im the person who needs convincing they work.

Fast forward to Your horse live 2017 Dawn doing a stand prompting Equus health so i help her out for a few hours, this leads to me getting a job helping in the warehouse and learning more about the products and ethos of the company.

Everything is natural and simply, no fillers, no long words on the descriptions, this is something i felt i could easily get behind and promote so here i am setting up my small business selling these amazing products straight to the stable doing and seeing the benefit on a daily basis.

I love helping clients find the best in their horse discussing where they need a helping hand and finding the best supplement for their pride and joy. So please get in touch.

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