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12 days of horses

Day 1 Livery

There are so many different set ups available for keeping horses, it is important to do your research and find which suits you the best.

Full Livery £400 - £1000 plus

Here all the work is done for you starting with a basic package of daily chores. Most yards then give the option of adding extra ie exercise, grooming, show prep, lessons the list can go on and on.

Working Livery £200plus

Working Livery can be a more affordable option to full Livery, offered by a lot of riding schools they will use your horse in lessons for a discounted rate on full Livery. This can be ideal for those who feel they can't work their horse has often has horse needs.

Part Livery

This consists of several days of full Livery normally Monday to Friday and then of a weekend the owner does the horse themselves again another way of making full Livery a little more affordable.

All of the above normally include the followingin their price.



Basic feed

Daily care.

DIY Livery £80 - £200 per month to rent stable and grazing.

Weather it be on a commercial yard or land you own or rent this is where you do it yourself. Everything is your responsibility from ensuring the horses daily needs are met to cover the cost of hay, feed and bedding. Arranging and being there for vet and farrier visits etc. On the commercial yards there is normally someone offering a groom service who you can pay to assist as and when needed and for those on their own land there are freelance grooms who will come and help. Rates are normally around £10 per hour and travel costs may be added to this.

My top tips for finding a yard.

Visit several

Talk to liveries ask them what they like dislike about each yard, their daily routine.

Think about your time and daily routine can you fit the care into it or are you going to need help.

Decide on a budget what can you afford to spend on your Livery.

Include travel time in your decision, remember if on DIY you may need to go twice a day, or pay someone to do one end ig the day, how much time will this take out of your day.

Location will you be able to get there even in the bad weather, particular important for those on DIY.

Whichever set up you decide on Horses are a big commitment both financially and time weekends are suddenly filled with doing those extra jobs on the yard going to shows, no more spontaneous weekends away the funds and time have gone on the horses.

Your vet could soon become a familiar face if the worse happens and your horse becomes ill or injuryed.

However they do bring so much joy and love and for children having their own a real sense of responsibility. A little side note to add here for those buying for teenagers most yards have a policy where under 16s have to be supervised by an adult so parents/guardians that could be your world is about to become filled with standing around at the yard whilst your loved one spends

time caring for their New love. Well actually same goes for partners if you want to see your partner after the purchase of said unicorn me prepared to spend the time down the yard.

Thank you for joining me on day 1 and see you tomorrow.

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