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Winter Essentials

Winter can be a costly time for horse owners. Here's my top 5 products to help through winter.

  1. Equus health Everyday Balancer. This time of year the grass contains poor nutritional value so ensure your horse is getting all the vitamins and minerals they need with this broad spectrum balancer. £0.40p a day

  2. Equus health Healthy Gut. This live yeast formula helps keep the hind gut healthy therefore ensuring the horse gets the best from their feed. £0.38p per day

  3. Equus health Hedge Mix I love this product ideal for all horses contains the herbs the horse would naturally forage for in hedges. This mix is ideal to tempt fussy eaters and keep horses interested in their feed. £0.84 per day

  4. Equus health Linseed oil. Helps to maintain weight and gives the horse the fuel they need to stay warm. Mine all have the smallest amount of this daily so in their system should they need a little extra. £0.35p per day

  5. Equus health Salt lick. Perhaps this should be top of the list has all horses should have constant excess to a salt lick.

The above are general supplements that can be fed to all for as little as £1.97 per day, if feeding all 5 to a 500kg horse.

There are other supplements we could add for more specific ailments.

Poor feet - seaweed and rosehips

Filled legs - Clivers and marigold

Stiffness - flexi limbs.

The list could go on but hopefully this gives you a general idea. Don't forget I can also help with custom mixes to make feed prep even easier.

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